A Nutritious Meal Plan

Would You Like an Easy to Follow, Balanced Daily Meal Plan?

Flexloss is about more than just achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. It is also about good food and making sure you eat in a balanced way without relying on pills to supplement your diet. FlexLoss members have access to their personalized meal plans and a wide range of other recipes that can be substituted at any time. All recipes are designed to keep you on track for keeping you healthy, looking your best and achieving and maintaining your optimal weight.

Recipes are tailored to your skill level in the kitchen. Do you like to experiment in the kitchen? No problem, we can offer some interesting ideas to keep you motivated. Prefer to stick with the basics? We cater for that as well.

You can also create your own meals and reuse them on the plan. FlexLoss will guide you to show the macro-nutrient balance of your choices and enable you to adjust recipes to meet your body's requirements.

Whatever your tastes and culinary preferences, FlexLoss will let you eat great food, look and feel great without having to spend hours planning your meals.